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Re: k3b can't eject cd

On Thursday 21 September 2006 3:50 am, Lorenzo Bettini wrote:

> when k3b finishes copying the original it fails to eject the cd, thus I
> must abort the whole procedure...

I'm having this problem across the board, as well as not being able to run K3B 
as anyone other than root, no matter how many times I go through k3bsetup to 
change permissions on things.

I haven't investigated any of this, because I only burn CDs once in a blue 
moon, but something is pretty screwy here.

The last time I did burn on my internal drive, I tried everything I could 
think of to get the CD out.  eject, killall, fuser /dev/hdc (no process was 
using it), looking for zombie processes, etc., and I finally straightened out 
a paper clip to get the damn thing out.  The disc was fine, and played in a 
dumb CD player.

From then on, I started using a portable USB DVD+R I have.  When it's time to 
eject, I can cycle the power on the drive, and get it to eject that way.

I have no idea what's up, or whether it's K3b or something screwy with my 
kernel or what.

I'm not actively trying to figure it out, and I'm not offering any solutions.  
I'm merely writing to state for public record that I, too, have been having 
similar problems for some time now.  Perhaps months.

D. Michael McIntyre 
Linux fanatic, and certified Geek;  registered Linux user #243621

Author of Rosegarden Companion http://rosegarden.sourceforge.net/tutorial/

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