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Re: Kmail and spamassasin bayes rule.

El miércoles, 30 de agosto de 2006 01:17, Raúl Sánchez Siles escribió:
>   After some training I have the impression that this is not working
> properly and my suspicion is that kmail is not passing the whole e-mail to
> sa-learn so that it could learn the tokens.
>   I did a simple script and used it as command and that confirmed me that
> little suspicion, but on the contrary you could read in the kmail manual[2]
> subsection "Execute action" that the e-mail is send through stdin. Can you
> confirm this?

	Hello, Raúl.  I have used something like yours to feed spam to sa-learn, and 
the action I used was 'Pipe to' (or whatever name it has in English).  The 
problem with it was that the output from sa-learn is not the mail, but "X 
message(s) accepted" or something like that, and so the mail is replaced by 
that stupid line...probably is not what you wanted to hear. :-)

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