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Re: RANT about fonts with KDE Updates

On Saturday 2006, September 09 06:08, Paul Johnson wrote:

> I've never had this problem and I run sid.  I don't use the same fonts as
> the theme I use though, seems like some of the theme defaults could have a
> slightly more visible choices.  I may be correctable to 20/20, but that
> doesn't mean I can read flyspeck 3 at a comfortable distance from the
> monitor.

In that case your X server DPI is probably wrong.  Try removing the forced DPI 
override in /etc/kde3/kdmrc, and X will have a go at reading your monitor 
size from the monitor.  If it can't you can always set it manually with 
the "DisplaySize" option in /etc/X11/xorg.conf's "Monitor" section.

It's a bit of hassle to set up, but I really recommend putting the effort in.

KDE is the only desktop that seems to respect DPI size, GNOME has taken the 
crazy MS route of saying all displays are 96dpi.  The advantage is that you 
can use the same KDE settings on different computers, and always have the 
fonts come out at a comfortable size for you.

$ xdpyinfo
screen #0:
  dimensions:    1680x1050 pixels (331x212 millimeters)
  resolution:    129x126 dots per inch

I have KDE fonts set to 8 point.  If the DPI is wrong for my monitor 
(sometimes it's forced to 75 dpi in kdmrc) this is completely unreadable.

For example, a target 8pts would be about 4pts or 1.4 mm high on screen 
instead of the 2.8mm it should be.  Who on earth would think that's readable?  
Why is KDE the only sane desktop in the land? :-)


Dr Andrew Parkins, M Eng (Hons), AMIEE

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