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Re: midi programs error

On Tuesday 05 September 2006 7:06 am, Han wrote:

> i seem to be having a problem with all program that play edit or create
> midi files for example i got one today with rosegarden:
>        Sequencer startup failed: MIDI subsystem has failed to initialise
> i failed to run Audacity and kmidi does any know what config controls
> this and how-to change it.

Is this something newly broken, or are you just now getting started for the 
first time?

Here.  Let's use you as a guinea pig.  This problem has been cropping up a 
lot, due to changes in how various distros decide which modules need to be 
loaded during automatic hardware detection, and I've rewritten the error 
dialog you saw so that it will hopefully give you just the right piece of 
information to go solve the problem.  Now it says:

	Sequencer startup failed:  MIDI subsystem has failed to initialize.
	You may continue without the sequencer, but we suggest closing
	Rosegarden, running "modprobe snd-seq-midi" as root, and starting
	Rosegarden again.  If you wish to run with no sequencer by design,
	then use "rosegarden --nosequencer" to avoid seeing this error in
	the future.

Did that help?  (We're preparing to release Rosegarden 1.4 in two weeks, 

A more Debian-specific solution is to run the modconf utility (you probably 
have to install it explicitly these days) and go dig up snd-seq-midi (or 
snd_seq_midi) from the list, then install it.  Modconf works some Debian 
Magic(tm) so the module, and all its related dependents, will get loaded on 
subsequent boots without your having to run the modprobe command each time, 
and without having to follow any of the usual generic instructions about how 
to edit /etc/modules-whatever by hand to achieve this.  Modconf is how I've 
always done it on my own boxes.

If this doesn't get you there, I suggest you try rosegarden-user, as this is 
pretty far out of scope for debian-kde.  (Actually, I wasn't paying 
attention, and I thought this *was* rosegarden-user at first.  :D )

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