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Re: play games on linux

A Dijous 07 Setembre 2006 22:02, Lawrence Williams va escriure:
> > hi
> >
> > i there any way i repeat ANY WAY to play windows comercial games on
> > debian for example (grand theft auto, Need for speed) in fact is there
> > any one that has got linux to run any commercial game working even
> > emulators.
> >
> > If so please share this information with us.

I've been suscribed at Cedega for a while (7 month) and now I've unsuscribed 
because I doesn't play much but the product is really good, I played all the 
Steam Games, Need For Speed, GTA:SA etc. like a Windows.

Anyway it needs a little of work for playing a game, for example, I couldn't 
play on Steam games if I didn't add 32 depth in xorg.conf for example.

But Cedega says you what to do in all the cases in every game :)

Gutlak :D

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