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How to remove subcomponents of KDE?

Hi Debian-KDEers,

I asked this question at the (a?) KDE users mailinglist
and got a very useful answer, but I got stuck again.

Basically, I want to delete, say, the amusement
subcomponent of KDE (kde-amusements).

   # aptitude remove kde-amusements

won't work because it tries to remove the kde package
because "kde" depends on "kde-amusements".

But, since "kde" is a metapackage, you can safely
delete it.  That was what I learned at the KDE mailinglist.
But, I can't do

   # aptitude remove kde

because it tries to delete the entire KDE system.
So, what I tried was

   # dpkg -r kde
   (Reading database ... 157320 files and directories currently installed.)
   Removing kde ...
   # aptitude remove kde-amusements

But, no, this still tries to remove the entire KDE system.
Not only that, but also

   # aptitude dist-upgrade

tries to remove the entire KDE system.

Could somebody tell me how to proceed?


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