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Re: "Deleted on server" error in KMail

Am Mittwoch 06 September 2006 03:13 schrieb Larry Garfield:

> > So if it does not happen just after that you deleted some message in
> > some folders, then it's a problem.
> It happens separately for different folders, and doesn't seem to
> correspond to recently-deleted mail.  It has asked about my Sent folder
> many times (from which I NEVER delete anything), various mailing lists
> (which I clean out periodically, but haven't recently), pretty much
> anything that has mail filtered into it directly, I think.  I don't
> believe it's happened to any folders that don't get new entries except
> by me manually moving mail.
> The error is also not asking about deleting mail on the server.  It's
> saying that mail has been deleted on the server, and asks if it's OK to
> delete locally.

Hello Larry,

please report your observations to upstream bug 


I first thought these messages you describe may have to do with your local 
filters and how KMail handles them with disconnected IMAP, but as I 
thought it over I still didn't understand it fully. 

Thing is that local filters just act locally. The changes they make are 
synchronized with the IMAP account on the next data exchange. So sure 
KMail deletes mail it filtered locally out of INBOX for example, but 
since it filtered it out of INBOX locally already I do no see how it 
comes about to delete them locally.  And for the folders it filters mail 
to it should just upload mails then.

It may be regular behavior being debugfully reported by KMail, but it may 
also be that you are seeing an issue here. Maybe someone with more indept 
knowledge on the synchronisation implementation can shed a light on this.

Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald - http://www.Lichtvoll.de
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