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Re: How to remove subcomponents of KDE?

On Saturday 02 September 2006 06:11, Ryo Furue wrote:
> Hi Debian-KDEers,
> I asked this question at the (a?) KDE users mailinglist
> and got a very useful answer, but I got stuck again.
> Basically, I want to delete, say, the amusement
> subcomponent of KDE (kde-amusements).
>    # aptitude remove kde-amusements
> won't work because it tries to remove the kde package
> because "kde" depends on "kde-amusements".

KDE is a virtual package.  If you manually mark the packages that you want 
that KDE depends on for installation, and mark the rest as remove or purge, 
and get rid of the KDE package, you can customize your KDE installation 
instead of going with the Debian default KDE.

Paul Johnson
Email and IM (XMPP & Google Talk): baloo@ursine.ca

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