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Re: KDE not showing 'weird chars' correctly?

Jan De Luyck wrote:
On Sunday 10 September 2006 16:47, Wulfy wrote:
Jan De Luyck wrote:
Hello all,

Using KDE 3.5.4 from Debian SID (AMD64).

I've got a rather weird problem with some files I ripped from my cd of
Mägo de Oz.

Filenames show up correctly under GTK applications, but not under

KDE shows me: Fölktergeist
whereas GTK apps give me: Fölktergeist

Any idea where I can poke/prod to make this look better?


It's the character encoding that's wrong.  The name is in UTF-8, yet
Konqueror is displaying it in ISO-8859-1.

Interesting. Where does Konqueror get the charset from?

I suppose it's from your locale... but that should be the same for both KDE and GNOME...



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