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Re: How to remove subcomponents of KDE?

Søndag 03 september 2006 12:21 skrev Ryo Furue:
> You are correct.  The command
>    # apt-get remove kde
> removes the "kde" package only.  The problem is the next step.
> Please recall that my goal is to remove all the subcomponents under
> "kde-amusements".  So, after removing the "kde" package as above,
> I naïvely typed
>    # aptitude remove kde-amusements
> which did try to remove all the KDE packages (see below).  Note that
> I used aptitude, not apt-get.  In contrast,

As I already in my earlier posting. You should not use apt-get together with 
aptitude. And you found out why.

Aptitude will recognize that kde is now suddenly missing. Because you used 
apt-get to remove it, the dependency list was not updated, and when you run 
aptitude again it will remove the rest of kde because it's all marked as 
being autoinstalled.

As was noted, the kde packages depends on twelve kde metapackages, which in 
turn depends on the individual kde applications. So selecting just the ones 
of these metapackages that you need shouldn't be a problem.


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