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Re: play games on linux


While your question is inappropriate for the Debian KDE mailing list (in the 
future, please use debian-games??), I will still assist...

The most reliable way to play Windows games on Debian Linux right now, is to 
use Cedega by Transgaming (www.transgaming.com). It is an emulator that is 
able to run many popular titles well, in some cases, better than Windows lol

This product costs $35, but for the time being, is well worth it.

- Lawrence

On Thursday 07 September 2006 14:25, Han wrote:
> hi
> i there any way i repeat ANY WAY to play windows comercial games on
> debian for example (grand theft auto, Need for speed) in fact is there
> any one that has got linux to run any commercial game working even
> emulators.
> If so please share this information with us.

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