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Re: USB cdrom does not appear on desktop

Am Sonntag 10 September 2006 16:45 schrieb Joerg Platte:
> I have an internal cdrom and an external USB-DVD-burner. Each time I insert
> a cdrom into the internal drive KDE displays an icon on the desktop and I
> can mount the cd by clicking on the icon. Unfortunately, this does not work
> with my external burner. No icon appears and therefore, I'm unable to mount
> an inserted cd. Other USB devices like USB-disks are working fine, the icon
> appears and I'm able to mount them. What may prevent KDE from showing an
> icon for the external drive? Is this a USB-related problem? My hal/dbus
> configuration seems to be OK, since all other media related functions are
> working.

I am sure which one it is but a special file in /proc or /sys will tell you if 
your drive supports the media change report. Without this, the whole thing 
cannot work and you have to unplug and replug the device for proper 

Some USB card readers also suffer from this.


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