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Re: How to remove subcomponents of KDE?

Am Samstag 02 September 2006 15:11 schrieb Ryo Furue:
> I asked this question at the (a?) KDE users mailinglist
> and got a very useful answer, but I got stuck again.
> Basically, I want to delete, say, the amusement
> subcomponent of KDE (kde-amusements).
>    # aptitude remove kde-amusements
> won't work because it tries to remove the kde package
> because "kde" depends on "kde-amusements".

Run "aptitude and go to help: read about the 'm' and 'M' and how to mark 
something as being installed as dependency for something else or not.
Go to the package 'kde' and do what you just learned.

It's not good to try to trick a utility that you use. Instead, use it like it 
was intended by the authors.


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