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volume window blocking screen


I recently upgaded kernel to 2.6.17 on my notebook to be able to upgrade udev from testing. I could upgrade udev alright but ran into another issue.

Since upgrading the kernel kded shows the volumen window (see attachment) permanently and on top of all other windows. The reason for that is some program fading the master volume to zero continuously. If I use kmix to change the master value I can see the slider fade to zero within a second again. Same thing happens when I set the volume with amixer or alsamixer. Whenever I end kmix it is being restarted automatically.

To end  this magic I need to stop kded:
kmix, amixer and alsamixer are in full control of the volume again and the volume window is gone. Even kde soundsystem seems to works alright.

I'm quite puzzled! Any hints are welcome!


PNG image

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