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Re: volume window blocking screen

Hendrik Sattler schrieb:
Am Samstag 02 September 2006 20:03 schrieb Marc Bantle:
... some program fading the master volume to zero continuously.
top the KDE service "KMilo" or uninstall the package kmilo.
Why it shows up like this may depend on your notebook vendor and model.
Thanks for the clues!

The kernel was compiled with Dell Notebook Support active. The module i8k does handle the fan and temperature alright, but fails on detecting any special funcion keys on (my) inspirion 8600. Instead, it detects a Volume Down key as being pressed.

Since i8k was originally compiled in, I had to recompile the kernel. At this opportunity I patched i8k to not report keys anymore.

KDE works fine as before :-)

Cheers, Marc

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