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Re: Bug#377689: Cannot mount usb key (and I read the archives)

Le 4 sept. 06 à 21:49, Sjoerd Simons a écrit :

This is because dbus checks the groups of the user as is provided by the adminstrative database (/etc/groups if you use normal files), not the groups a user has in the session that sends the request. So what your trying to do
unfortunately doesn't work this way for hal callouts.

I do not understand, because Gnome manages to do it.

And it should at least be noted somewhere in a README, maybe in dbus or else, that /etc/security/group.conf is not supported by dbus. If I understand correctly, this is because dbus is a system-wide daemon and has no access to "the user in the session" (due to its asynchronous nature, it is not inheriting anything from the process that issues the request), so I concede that it would be a bit difficult (read "non-natural") to have this setup working. But I'd really would like this to be noted in either dbus, hal, or wherever the plugdev requirement is noted.

Thanks for finding the culprit anyway.

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