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Re: How to remove subcomponents of KDE?

El Sábado, 2 de Septiembre de 2006 15:11, Ryo Furue escribió:
> But, since "kde" is a metapackage, you can safely
> delete it.  That was what I learned at the KDE mailinglist.
> But, I can't do
>    # aptitude remove kde
> because it tries to delete the entire KDE system.

1. Start aptitude.
2. Select the package "kde".
3. Navigate through it (press enter), and mark as _manually_ installed (press 
lowercase "m"), all the packages you really want. That could be all the 
packages, except kde-amusements.
4. Remove the "kde" package. The packages you marked as manually installed, 
will remain on the system, and the ones installed automatically, will be 
removed because you didn't tell explicitly to aptitude that you want it.

Another option, is install kde-core, and remove kde. Later you can install the 
applications of KDE that you really miss.

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