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Re: RANT about fonts with KDE Updates

El Sábado, 9 de Septiembre de 2006 11:02, Andy Parkins escribió:
> In that case your X server DPI is probably wrong.  Try removing the forced
> DPI override in /etc/kde3/kdmrc, and X will have a go at reading your
> monitor size from the monitor.  If it can't you can always set it manually
> with the "DisplaySize" option in /etc/X11/xorg.conf's "Monitor" section.
> It's a bit of hassle to set up, but I really recommend putting the effort
> in.
> KDE is the only desktop that seems to respect DPI size, GNOME has taken the
> crazy MS route of saying all displays are 96dpi.  The advantage is that you
> can use the same KDE settings on different computers, and always have the
> fonts come out at a comfortable size for you.

Well, it seems that this will be selectable soon:

I personally don't understand this whole story, but since my fonts seem ok, I 
decided not to touch anything. :-)

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