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Re: Bug#377689: Cannot mount usb key (and I read the archives)

Le mardi 5 septembre 2006 08:03, Sjoerd Simons a écrit :
> I'll add a note in hal's README. I don't know if the KDE part that does the
> mounting has some info about the plugdev group, but it would be nice to add
> some info about this there too.

from kdebase-kio-plugins README:

KDE and media kioslave support

The media kioslave, new in KDE 3.4, supports the automatic mounting of
removable devies, such as CD-ROM and DVD drives, USB pen drives, digital
cameras, and many other types of equipment.

While some functionality is available without the use of HAL, media works
best with HAL (and therefore udev), in combination with pmount. Media
also extends the functionality of many other kioslaves. Check which
packages are recommended by the kdebase-kio-plugins package, and install

Note that for regular users to use media in conjunction with HAL, they must
be members of the plugdev group.



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