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Re: "Deleted on server" error in KMail

Le lundi 4 septembre 2006 22:09, Larry Garfield a écrit :
> Hi folks.  For the past 3 days or so, when my KMail sync with an IMAP
> account, I frequently get an error to the effect of "Messages in folder X
> were deleted on the server.  Delete them locally?"  It then lists several
> UIDs, which don't seem to have any pattern.
> I am fairly certain that nothing is being deleted, as regardless of whether
> I click Yes or No it doesn't seem like anything is removed, at least from
> my local copy.  (I'm using Disconnected IMAP so that my local filters
> work.) But every time it complains it blocks the IMAP process, and if I'm
> away from my computer at the time, it means it blocks it until I come back
> and push a button.
> Any idea what's going on?  Should I be worried about data loss here?  Is
> this a KMail problem or IMAP server problem?
> Running Debian Sid, KMail 1.9.4 using KDE 3.5.4.


if you take a look at kdepim changelog:

    Added kdepim extra debug information from KDE bug #104956. Users of
    d-imap will have to put up with extra dialogs, but this is hopefully
    only until the d-imap data loss issues are worked out (some work on
    that problem is in this upload, but it hasn't been confirmed to fix
    the problem).

related bug reports:

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