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-chinese archive 請大家提供 GB 設定檔... Re: ???? ^_^ ¦U¦ì¦n¡I ^_^ Re: ¦U¦ì¦n¡I ^_^ ²ÎÓë¼Æ»® [Installed xcin (source i386)] (fwd) [ New Mailing list: `debian-emacsen'] [old topic] locale name [thhsieh: [Anno] xcin-2.5.0] [thhsieh: [Update: xcin-2.5.0-pre2-2]] [thhsieh: [Update] xcin-2.5 vs. netscape] [thhsieh: [Update] xcin-2.5.0-1] [thhsieh: [Update] xcin-2.5.0-2] [thhsieh: [Update] xcin-2.5.0-pre2-4.tar.gz] [thhsieh: [Update] xcin-2.5.0-pre3.tar.gz] Re: Acrobat reader fonts Add Chinese Locale in Debian? application The bug is closed, but .... cedict, et al. China Mail Relay Abuse - Please stop Re: Copyright licence of your ConvertUTF tool Re: CXterm 5.1 unleashed ! :) cxterm 5.1p1 uploaded Re: cxterm-5.1 patch dselect-beginners translated! FORW: FYI- update of Frank Tang's Itrntinliztin Secrets FORW: Is I18n 'wording' correct in Netscape? FORW: Mojira needs you! FORW: Re: Is I18n 'wording' correct in Netscape? FORW: Re: X11 UTF-8 and Unicode support FreshChina 99/06/12 2 Good news: A free and pretty complete Cantonese Input method An information maybe i can help members list New CXTERM 5.1 available at former location. Note on libtabe-tsi-bin.tar.gz Rxvt question some thoughts ttfprint_0.9-1_i386.changes INSTALLED (fwd) Unidentified subject! Uploaded xcin 2.5.0-0.2 (source i386) to master (fwd) Uploaded zh-trans 0.8-0.1 (source all) to master (fwd) Where is the "Debian Chinese Plan" Web paga? Xcin 2.5 with potato? The last update was on 11:25 GMT Sun May 12. There are 86 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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