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Re: Uploaded zh-trans 0.8-0.1 (source all) to master (fwd)

On Sat, Jun 05, 1999 at 03:50:22AM +0800, Pofeng Lee wrote:
|> According to man(1), Chinese manpages should be displayed when the
|> locale is set to zh_TW.Big5. But this is not the case on my system,
|> the English manpages are still shown even when the Chinese ones are
|> installed... can someone shed some light on this?
|RedHat & Debian did not use the same 'man'
|And even in Redhat, we need to patch the Config & Makefile 

I think I can put /usr/man/zh_TW.Big5 somewhere in man's config file,
but the followings are what I get when I type 'man man':

       --- begin ---

       International  support  is  available  with  this package.
       Native language manual pages are accessible (if  available
       on  your system) via use of locale functions.  To activate
       such support, it is necessary to set either  $LC_MESSAGES,
       $LANG  or another system dependent environment variable to
       your language  locale,  usually  specified  in  the  POSIX
       1003.1 based format:


       If  the  desired page is available in your locale, it will
       be displayed in lieu of  the  standard  (usually  American
       English) page.

       ... ...

       -L locale, --locale=locale
              man will normally determine your current locale  by
              a  call to the C function setlocale(3) which inter
              rogates  various  environment  variables,  possibly
              including  $LC_MESSAGES  and $LANG.  To temporarily
              override the determined value, use this  option  to
              supply  a locale string directly to man.  Note that
              it will not take effect until the search for  pages
              actually  begins.   Output such as the help message
              will always be displayed in  the  initially  deter
              mined locale.

       ... ...

              Depending on system and implementation,  either  or
              both of $LANG and $LC_MESSAGES will be interrogated
              for the current message locale.  man  will  display
              its  messages  in  that  locale (if available). See
              setlocale(3) for precise details.

       --- end ---

I'm afraid that there's a bug in our man package...

Anthony Wong.   [ E-mail: hajime@asunaro.dhs.org / ypwong@debian.org ]

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