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[old topic] locale name

Hi there,

Please forgive me if this message is annoying.

The other day we discussed the name of chinese locales, if they should be
zh_CN.GB2312 or zh_CN.EUC, and zh_TW.Big5 or zh_TW.EUC.

The divergency was based on inaccuracy that locale name is formatted in
<language>[_<territory>[.<encoding>] , so EUC should be used. But EUC is
unconvenient and hard to use. Anthony Wong suggested that EUC could be
alias of GB2312 or Big5.

But I happend to read Anthony Wong's mail about 'man' carefully. In 'man man',

Anthony Wong quoted that
       $LANG  or another system dependent environment variable to
       your language  locale,  usually  specified  in  the  POSIX
       1003.1 based format:


See it? If it is true( and it does be true ), we have no any excuse not
to use zh_CN.GB2312 or zh_CN.Big5.

And for mainland China, zh_CN.GBK can be alias of zh_CN.GB2312.

Anthony Wong, Pofeng Lee, others, comment?


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