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Re: Rxvt question

> How about this wrapper script? Maybe mine is not the best, please
> comment if you have any improvements.

[ script omitted ]

I have three comments for now:

(1) There is really no reason to have the line 


in the script.  Since this script is not a conffile (at least I don't 
think that it should be), it should not be edited by the system 

(2) I think that the rxvt binaries should be "exec"ed.  There is no need 
for an extra shell process to be floating around for each invocation of 

(3) We both forgot to include the extra command line options provided by 
the user.  I'll add the appropriate "$*"'s to the script.

On that note, are you sure that we want to automatically add "-im xcin -pt 
Root" to the command line options?  I think that this might be confusing, 
since "crxvt" would behave differently from "crxvt-big5" and "crxvt-gb".  
That is, both crxvt-big5 and crxvt-gb will require the user to add these 
options to work correctly, whereas crxvt will not require these options.  
What do you think?


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