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Fwd: Re: Add Chinese Locale in Debian?

I guess this email was intended to this list. So I take the liberty to
just forward it. :)

It seems the locale stuff have been address by our fellow developers.
Great dudes!

My impression is that there are some of the glibc team member working
on better locale support. At the mean time, we can just use the
working one at Hsieh's site.

For English translation of your i18ntool page, Tung Han, I think it
will be quite useful. Not only that we shall not assume everyone want
to install a valid Chinese locale can read Chinese at the moment, but
also the i18ntool is general enough to be used on system other than
Linux. Although most commercial  UNIX come with better locale support,
but I don't know if they always ship far east locale with their
package. Just a thought that someone other than a Chinese might want
to have a Chinese locale installed on a server. So please... ;)

And here is the letter from Hsieh:

This is a forwarded message
From: Tung-Han Hsieh <thhsieh@linux.org.tw>
To: hashao <hashao@china.com>
Date: Sunday, June 13, 1999, 10:10:48 AM
Subject: Add Chinese Locale in Debian?

===8<==============Original message text===============
On Sat, Jun 12, 1999 at 04:49:45PM +0800, hashao wrote:
> Hello debian-chinese,
>   Would some of you debian developers help the maintainer of locale to include the
> Chinese locale into potato? T. H. Hsieh had a package for building
> both Big5 and GB locale at http://xcin.linux.org.tw . I was intent to
> file a bug entrey on that matter. Then I noted that the about homepage is all in
> Chinese (Big5). So some Chinese developer has to help out for this.
> The package works smoothly out of box.


Should we need an English version of the article about how to setup
the zh_TW.Big5/zh_CN.GB2312 locale? If yes, I will traslate my article
in the URL "http://xcin.linux.org.tw/files/i18n_tool.html"; into English.

Is this enough?

> Without a proper Chinese locale, Xcin 2.5+ won't work (right?). I am also

> working on a wrapper based on locale. And it will be much cool in long
> term if we can have Chinese locales packaged as soon as possible.
> I really don't want to see next release of debian get no Chinese
> locale supports.
> BTW: other than compile the locale data in, one also want to add some
> more aliases in the /usr/share/locale/locale.alias and
> /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/locale.alias . At least for GB code, there
> should be:
> zh_CN.GB2312
> zh_CN
> zh_CN.eucCN
> chinese-gb (This one is used in xemacs with mule supported and really
> a bad hack).
> For Big5, there at least be:
> zh_TW.big5
> chinese-big5

Probably add the "zh_TW.BIG5".

BTW, I have suggested to commit the zh_TW.Big5 locale data into GNU glibc
future releases. Recently I got the following reply:

>From drepper@cygnus.com  Sun Jun  6 06:56:46 1999
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Received: (drepper@localhost) by happy.cygnus.com (8.8.7/8.6.4) id PAA16416; Sat
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To: Tung-Han Hsieh <thhsieh@twcpro.phys.ntu.edu.tw>
Subject: Re: The zh_TW.Big5 locale data
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Tung-Han Hsieh <thhsieh@twcpro.phys.ntu.edu.tw> writes:

> We are working on the Chinese locale and i18n subject on Linux.
> The locale, "zh_TW.Big5", is our native language support in Taiwan.
> We now have the "zh_TW.Big5" locale data and "BIG5_1984" font map
> file, and we want to contribute them into the standard glibc-2.1.X

Sorry for the big delay.  I have problems finding time for these
things nowadays.

I've looked briefly over the changes and must say they are not
acceptable.  The problem is that the locale specification must not be
charmap specific.

The is partly my problem since I haven't extended the mnemonics.ds
file completely to cover all charsets.  But it is necessary to always
use the same menmonic for the same glyph in all charmaps.

I'll hopefully soon extend the mnemonics.ds file and then you might
want to update the locale description to use these mnemonics.
Afterwards I'll happily use the result.

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It seems that the zh_TW.Big5 locale data is bounded to the BIG5_1984
character set which is not acceptable. I think we should change the
"character label" in LC_CTYPE section into the "universal description",
such as the Unicode symbol. I will find time to do it. But in the mean
time, we can just use our zh_TW.Big5 locale data, since it still works. :-))

Any other suggestion on this issue?


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Best regards,
 hashao                            mailto:hashao@china.com

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