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Add Chinese Locale in Debian?

Hello debian-chinese,

  Would some of you debian developers help the maintainer of locale to include the
Chinese locale into potato? T. H. Hsieh had a package for building
both Big5 and GB locale at http://xcin.linux.org.tw . I was intent to
file a bug entrey on that matter. Then I noted that the about homepage is all in
Chinese (Big5). So some Chinese developer has to help out for this.
The package works smoothly out of box.

Without a proper Chinese locale, Xcin 2.5+ won't work (right?). I am also
working on a wrapper based on locale. And it will be much cool in long
term if we can have Chinese locales packaged as soon as possible.
I really don't want to see next release of debian get no Chinese
locale supports.

BTW: other than compile the locale data in, one also want to add some
more aliases in the /usr/share/locale/locale.alias and
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/locale.alias . At least for GB code, there
should be:
chinese-gb (This one is used in xemacs with mule supported and really
a bad hack).

For Big5, there at least be:

There might be more for zh_TW.cns(?) But since it is practically dead,
So... Hope 'Big' guy start to use it if they want it to live. I guess
they spent a lot of energy on that charset and X11 supports it too.

P.S: As someone mentioned, the encoding or charset at the last part of
a locale name is really a political thing. From what I found, there
are no firmed rule on how it is set. It is basically vendor
implemented. I even saw DEC did a zh_cn.dechanyu or something like
that. So we should just include as many aliases as it needed. :)

Best regards,
 hashao                          mailto:hashao@china.com

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