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Re: FreshChina 99/06/12 2

Hi, I'm really tired. ya see, moving from nanjing
to beijing to work for turbolinux.com.cn :P by train.
so i didn't did the FreshChina these 3 days. I will
back work tommorrow. I'm not sure if i can keep going
for longer than a year. :p But, ya see, stupid as stupid does,
work as interests goes :) I will keep it going, i love it!
So, please support me, thank you! :)

I'm not doing the web myself, and not planning to do it myself,
ya see, like http://slashdot.org/ultramode.txt or
I want to present a well printed email aka text file
in the moderated mailing list, so people who subscribe
to this mailing list with a script could easily get it
pushed to the web. that's my idea. Please tell me your
opinion. thanks!

I'm learning python, so i do like mailman. :)
used to get headaches with majordomo. hehe...


>Glad to see you work.  In fact, I have also translate some Linux Linux to
>Chinese last year.
>I get the linux from slashdot, freshmeat, lwn , linuxtoday and many linux
>scoop know that http://themes.org/totd/guest/archive/scoop/) However, I
>stop it
>after keeping it for one year. At that time, I consider copy every thing
>them is not good
>so I try to write the stuff they report in my own word and chose those I
>Besides, I think keeping a chinese freshmeat is not an easy job and better
>estibish a
>Well scripted Webpage.
>Anyway, if you don't care where the mail server locate,  I can open a
>in @linux.org.hk  (sure, I will state that it is not an HKLUG proj ;P, we
>instead of Majordomo)
>vice-chair  of HKLUG
>> ollowing in GB2312 Chinese. Contents on Freshmeat Chinese.
>> 湮模疑,狟醱岆扂祒赻Freshmeat腔GNU/Linux⻏璃陔恓,藩毞俀奻楷票衾
>> <<Linux鼠惆>>笢恅唳晤憮腔mailing list:
>> lg-zh-worker@mud.jlonline.com
>> (踏棒峈賸酕嫘豢,泂善賸Debian-Chinese:-)
>> 跡宒岆最唗褫黍腔,蟀哿謗俴謗跺啃煦瘍羲宎,善肮欴蟀哿謗俴謗跺啃煦
>> 瘍笝砦.俋醱扂頗迡珨虳梗腔趕:-) 笢潔頗衄祥隅腔諾俴,褫刉.菴珨
>> 俴岆⻏璃靡醴,菴媼俴岆勍褫痐,絊⺼GPL,MIT,BSD,Artistic,Open Source
>> 脹脹,狟醱岆⻏璃homepage,睿狟婥華硊,羶衄腔蚚謗跺熬瘍測杸.郔綴岆
>> 珨僇鏡扴,砐醴睿砐醴眳潔蚚謗跺啃煦瘍煦路.荎恅埻唳睿笢恅唳飲羶衄
>> 癹秶,褫眕蚚最唗絲善Web奻,珩辣茩湮模,ワ湮模涴欴酕:-)峈賸桶栨/嘆
>> 療腔埻秪:-)褫蛁奻Freshmeat睿<<Linux鼠惆>>笢恅唳腔湮靡:-)
>> ⺼衄阰夔枑鼎跤扂蚳藷腔mailing list酕,郔疑.秪
>> lg-zh-worker@mud.jlonline.com
>> 遜衄晤憮攬衭蠅婓蚚.
>> 醴ゴ扂珨婓酕,涴珨倛宒讀傖嗣磁釬絞祥嬪麵.醴腔岆峈笢恅Web氝珨
>> 耋瑞劓盄.郅郅湮模!⺼衄砩獗/膘祜/嘆療/蠶⼃/慇慇/瘉瘉/稱稱,辣茩
>> email祫:
>> zhaoway@public1.ptt.js.cn
>> --
>> Bruce Zhao (Zhaoway)
>> 鰍儔Linux整氈窒(NJLUG)燴岈 <<Linux鼠惆>>晤憮
>> email: zhaoway@mud.jlonline.com
>> homepage: http://mud.jlonline.com/~zhaoway
>> %%
>> %%
>> Fetchmail 5.0.4
>> GPL
>> Console/eMail
>> homepage: http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/fetchmail/
>> download: http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/fetchmail/fetchmail-5.0.4.tar.gz
>> Fetchmail岆珨轎煤腔,髡夔腔,翩袕腔,恅紫翩腔堈傷蚘璃彶摯蛌楷馱撿
>> .Fetchmail薯芞婓絊⺼SLIP麼PPP涴欴腔偌猁А奧膘蕾(甜準酗ヽ膘蕾)腔TCP/IP蟈繚
>> 馱釬.Fetchmail盓厥珋婓Internet奻妏蚚腔垀衄腔堈傷蚘璃衪祜,絊⺼
>> %%

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