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New CXTERM 5.1 available at former location.

I am very sorry that one friend pointed out the bug in the former
5.1 version. That was: when you selected the characters in the cxterm
screen with the mouse, some parts would begin to blink.

Now I've fixed this problem. I also made some further improvement by
removing the unnecessary and contradictive prototypes and added the
type conversions before functions like malloc ()... I hope there will
be no problem compiling under other versions/distributions of Linux.
I'll thank Anthony for the patch file he sent me.

Again, I tested it on some other platforms like Solaris, IRIX, HP-UX...
However, I have no access to other Linux machine... :(

The site for downloading is:

If you have a slow link and have download the former buggy version of 5.1,
you can get the patch file from /pub/unix/BUG_PATCH_OF_EARLIER_5.1/. You
don't have to install the whole package again. Just patch it and run
config.sh. Then select '2. Compile cxterm (not to install)'. After the
compiling finished, over write the old cxterm executable with the new one
in cxterm-5.1/cxterm/. That's enough.

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.

- Jerrey
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