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Re: Rxvt question

On Mon, Jun 28, 1999 at 09:44:41PM -0400, Brian Mays wrote:
|Recently, Anthony Fok sent me a detailed patch to enable Chinese GB
|support.  His patch would add the following binaries to rxvt-ml:
|	crxvt-big5
|	crxvt-gb
|and it would add the following symlinks to the package:
|	gbrxvt -> crxvt-gb
|	b5rxvt -> crxvt-big5
|	crxvt -> crxvt-big5
|Therefore, I have the following questions:
|1) There are two ways to distinguish alternate versions of the rxvt
|binary: (1) adding a prefix to the name (e.g., krxvt); (2) adding a
|suffix to the name (e.g., rxvt-xpm).  Anthony's patch uses both of these
|methods.  That is, it adds a suffix to the name and uses a symbolic
|links that add a prefix to the name.  Are both of these methods really
|necessary?  In my opinion, it would be better to drop the b5rxvt and
|gbrxvt symbolic links and distinguish the two binaries with the -gb and
|-big5 suffices.
|2) Shouldn't the crxvt symbolic link use Debian's alternatives scheme,
|so that the system administrator can choose whether crxvt runs the Big5
|version or the GB version of rxvt?
|In other words, I recommend that the symbolic links be replaced with the
|	crxvt -> /etc/alternatives/crxvt -> /usr/X11R6/bin/crxvt-big5
|Thus, there would be no gbrxvt and b5rxvt.  This is what I recommend;
|however, I defer to whatever the members of this mailing list decide.

I agree that there is no need for gbrxvt and b5rxvt, crxvt-gb and
crxvt-big5 suffices.
But, unless you have already done so, I think you don't need to use the
alternatives method. This is because before the GB support exists,
crxvt always refer to the "Big5 rxvt". There may be inconvenience to
the users if crxvt refers to the "GB rxvt". The symlink from crxvt to
crxvt-big5 is necessary though.

p.s. Is it better to check the user's current locale settings when he/she
types 'crxvt'? If the locale is zh_TW.Big5, then starts rxvt-big5, if
it is zh_CN.GB2312, then starts rxvt-gb.

Anthony Wong.   [ E-mail: hajime@asunaro.dhs.org / ypwong@debian.org ]

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