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FORW: Is I18n 'wording' correct in Netscape?

Found this <3761B3FE.C4DE5432@geocities.com> in netscape.public.mozilla.i18n:

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From: Paul Gorodyansky <paulgor@geocities.com>
Newsgroups: netscape.public.mozilla.i18n
Subject: Is I18n 'wording' correct in Netscape?
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 18:12:30 -0700


I have a question - starting from ver. 4.5
 (what about 5.0?)
a word 'Encoding' is used in
(as in all previous versions),
while in a View menu a term 'Character Set' is used.
(View / Character Set and
 View / Set Default Character Set)

Is it correct?

For instance, for Cyrillic we have
   View / Character Set
and then see 4 different variants of Cyrillic.

But as far as I remember from my early days of I18n
experience when I still was reading manuals and books :)
a Character Set is just a set of the letters of a national
alphabet, and then different Encoding methods assign
different code points for these letters.

So, really there is only *one* Cyrillic Character Set -
a group of all Cyrillic letters, and those 4 lines in
a View correspond to the 4 different methods of
_representing_ these Cyrillic letters.

Am I correct? If so, then it should have been vice versa -
'Character Set' in Edit/Preferences/Appearance/Fonts
and 'Encodings' in the View menu.

Or, because a usage of both 'Character Set' term and
'Encoding' term is kind of confusing, just use 'Encoding'
in _both_ places as it was done before 4.5.

Does it make sense?

(I have the following links to the pages that discuss this
 a) "W3C: Internationalization / Localization":

 b) "Notes on Internationalization" by Alan J. Flavell:

 c) "A tutorial on character code issues" by Jukka Korpela:

 I ran into this 'wording' issue while updating my
 instructions for  Cyrillic in both Netscape 4.0x and 4.5+ -
 I had there, "... you need to select a Cyrillic
 Encoding using a View item in the menu..." and now I see
 that I need to use a different wording for 2,3,4.0x and 4.5+,
 because in 4.5+ it's "Character Set" ...

Paul Gorodyansky
"Cyrillic for MS Windows Netscape": 

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