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FORW: Mojira needs you!

Found this <37793573.759CFDAA@netscape.com> in netscape.public.mozilla.i18n:

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From: tague@netscape.com (Tague Griffith)
Newsgroups: netscape.public.mozilla.i18n
Subject: Mojira needs you!
Date: 29 Jun 99 21:06:59 GMT
To: mozilla-i18n@mozilla.org

All :-

Mozilla needs your help.

The input method support for Ender (the text/html) editor has matured to
the point that it is actually useable on a day-today basis; however, we
need your help to test it with all the various input methods that are
popular among users.

My goal for M8 is to get alot of people outside of netscape hammering on
the input method support for Macintosh and Windows so that we can flush
out the remaining bugs.  When the M8 build comes out, please take some
time and use Mozilla with your favorite input method and let us know the


tague griffith (tague@netscape.com)
client internationalization

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