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Re: Re: Add Chinese Locale in Debian?

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From: hashao <hashao@china.com>
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Sent: Monday, June 14, 1999 11:12 AM
Subject: Fwd: Re: Add Chinese Locale in Debian?

> I guess this email was intended to this list. So I take the liberty to
> just forward it. :)
> It seems the locale stuff have been address by our fellow developers.
> Great dudes!
> My impression is that there are some of the glibc team member working
> on better locale support. At the mean time, we can just use the
> working one at Hsieh's site.
> For English translation of your i18ntool page, Tung Han, I think it
> will be quite useful. Not only that we shall not assume everyone want
> to install a valid Chinese locale can read Chinese at the moment, but
> also the i18ntool is general enough to be used on system other than
> Linux. Although most commercial  UNIX come with better locale support,
> but I don't know if they always ship far east locale with their
In fact, there do be wonderful FE locale support in most commercial Unix system.
In my office there are two Sparc with Solaris Chinese Edition and one PowerPC with
PowerAIX Chinese Edition. Either supports Chinese(GB) well. Even multibtye <=>
widechar conversion functions such as mbtowc() works! But I cannot find it
in any of available free locale data, neither i18ntools nor FreeBSD's built-in XPG4 
locales. As i think, the MB<=>WC conversion is done by looking up the REPERTOIREMAP
table, but there are no UNIHAN mapping entries in the glibc built-in tables such as
"mnemonic.ds", and even worse in FreeBSD, wide char is only the value of the bytes
stream while not unicode char. There should be a lot of work to do, :)
> package. Just a thought that someone other than a Chinese might want
> to have a Chinese locale installed on a server. So please... ;)

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