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Re: Rxvt question

Shao Zhang <shao@cia.com.au> wrote:

>       I would prefer this method too. I guess users can also emulate
>       this by using the shell alias...

Yes.  Exactly.

>       Yes. I think the policies should be followed. But what about
>       xpm??  Are you going to have all of the following??

> 		crxvt-big5-no-xpm
> 		crxvt-big5-xpm
> 		crxvt-gb-no-xpm
> 		crxvt-gb-xpm

>       It is a pain to do this, but this seems the only way to satisfy
>       everyone...

Well, I was planning to enable XPM support in crxvr-big5 and crxvt-gb, 
just as XPM support is enabled in krxvt, crxvt, and grxvt now.


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