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Re: [old topic] locale name

> > Name: GB2312  (preferred MIME name)
> > MIBenum: 2025
> > Source: Chinese for People's Republic of China (PRC) mixed one byte,
> >         two byte set:
> >           20-7E = one byte ASCII
> >           A1-FE = two byte PRC Kanji
> The big porblem is that:
> The GB 2312-80 charset is quite out of date. It contains much less
> characters that new Chinese standard called GBK. Ever some frequently
> used characters cannot be found in GB 2312-80, :-(
> But I cannot find GBK specs in ftp.unicode.org or other sites, so maybe
> it's not a widely accepted standard by most offical standard
> organizations just as I guess. While Mic$osoft take this standard since
> Windows 95 Simplified Chinese Edition, and name it 'Codepage 936', which
> can be found at ftp.unicode.org.

I do not know the problem between GBK & GB2312 ...

But the locale name is not a technical problem 
( it's a political problem :-) )

Why not just use a resonable name, and push it as the de facto standard 
( A bit like M$, sorry :-) )

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