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Xcin 2.5 with potato?

Hi there, 

I have my box update to potato today. Then I installed the xcin-2.5
package. When I try to fire up xcin under a crxvt window, I got this:

XCIN (Chinese XIM server) version xcin 2.5.0-pre2-1.
(module ver: 19990521, syscin ver: 19990521).
(use "-h" option for help)

xcin: invalid font ISO8859-1.
xcin: invalid font BIG5-0.
xcin: error: fontset setting error.

Is this a X locale problem or font problem? seems even ISO8859-1
will not load.

A xlsfonts call shows:

bash-2.02$ xlsfonts |grep big5

And I do have locale/zh_TW.Big5 under X's lib path, otherwise
xcin will stop at zh_TW.Big5 is not support by X.

Any Hints?

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