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Re[3]: Add Chinese Locale in Debian?

Hello debian-chinese,

Tuesday, June 15, 1999, 9:02:21 AM, Adoal Xu wrote:

>> also the i18ntool is general enough to be used on system other than
>> Linux. Although most commercial  UNIX come with better locale support,
>> but I don't know if they always ship far east locale with their
AX> In fact, there do be wonderful FE locale support in most commercial Unix system.
AX> In my office there are two Sparc with Solaris Chinese Edition and one PowerPC with
AX> PowerAIX Chinese Edition. Either supports Chinese(GB) well. Even multibtye <=>

That is what I am not sure about. Yes, for FE edition of commercial
Unix, there must be good Chinese locale support. However most Unix
stations in American and Europe might not use the FE edition of Unix.
I just hope Chinese user in those regions could use Chinese easily on
their stations. :) They can just ask their system admin. to have
Chinese locale installed (Not much a security risk, right :) .)

AX> widechar conversion functions such as mbtowc() works! But I cannot find it
AX> in any of available free locale data, neither i18ntools nor FreeBSD's built-in XPG4
AX> locales. As i think, the MB<=>WC conversion is done by looking up the REPERTOIREMAP
AX> table, but there are no UNIHAN mapping entries in the glibc built-in tables such as
AX> "mnemonic.ds", and even worse in FreeBSD, wide char is only the value of the bytes
AX> stream while not unicode char. There should be a lot of work to do, :)

You might want to take a look at http://www.ping.be/~pin19314/locales/ for
some locale packages with mb - wc convert functions. If you use
FreeBSD, you might need to twist the code a bit.  I guess we are just
too lazy to implement those functions. :)

Best regards,
 hashao                            mailto:hashao@china.com

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