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Re: Note on libtabe-tsi-bin.tar.gz

On Wed, Jun 30, 1999 at 10:14:28PM +0800, Tung-Han Hsieh wrote:
|There is one thing important that I should mention. In xcin-2.5 the
|libtabe-tsi data we provided consists two packages:
|where the first is the source, and the second is the binary. Please
|note that the "binary" is not universal. In fact I think it is only
|valid in 32-bits plateform. I can be sure that it won't work under
|Debian alpha environment. Therefore, I recommand that if you want
|to package it into deb package, please be sure that you recompile
|it from the source. The procedure to recompile it is covered in
|the documents of xcin: xcin-2.5/doc/SETUP.

Oh, I have already packaged it, but I used the binary version :P
Thanks for your information, I will redo it.

Anthony Wong.   [ E-mail: hajime@asunaro.dhs.org / ypwong@debian.org ]

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