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Re: Rxvt question

>>>>> "Anthony" == Anthony Wong <hajime@asunaro.dhs.org> writes:

    Anthony> I agree that there is no need for gbrxvt and b5rxvt,
    Anthony> crxvt-gb and crxvt-big5 suffices.  But, unless you have
    Anthony> already done so, I think you don't need to use the
    Anthony> alternatives method. This is because before the GB
    Anthony> support exists, crxvt always refer to the "Big5
    Anthony> rxvt". There may be inconvenience to the users if crxvt
    Anthony> refers to the "GB rxvt". The symlink from crxvt to
    Anthony> crxvt-big5 is necessary though.

I haven't done anything yet.  I wanted to check with the debian-chinese
list before I made any changes.  Okay.  If you don't think that using
alternatives would be useful, then I won't use it.

    Anthony> p.s. Is it better to check the user's current locale
    Anthony> settings when he/she types 'crxvt'? If the locale is
    Anthony> zh_TW.Big5, then starts rxvt-big5, if it is zh_CN.GB2312,
    Anthony> then starts rxvt-gb.

This is an interesting idea.  If you think that it would be useful, then
perhaps crxvt should be a wrapper script that tests the locale (how
should that be done?) and executes the appropriate binary.  Something
like the following:


if [ <locale = zh_CN.GB2312> ]; then
	exec /usr/X11R6/bin/crxvt-gb
	exec /usr/X11R6/bin/crxvt-big5

where <locale = zh_CN.GB2312> should be replaced by whatever mechanism
is used to test the locale.

What do you think?


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