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Note on libtabe-tsi-bin.tar.gz


There is one thing important that I should mention. In xcin-2.5 the
libtabe-tsi data we provided consists two packages:


where the first is the source, and the second is the binary. Please
note that the "binary" is not universal. In fact I think it is only
valid in 32-bits plateform. I can be sure that it won't work under
Debian alpha environment. Therefore, I recommand that if you want
to package it into deb package, please be sure that you recompile
it from the source. The procedure to recompile it is covered in
the documents of xcin: xcin-2.5/doc/SETUP.

Because of this, in the future we will not provide the binary tarball
in our ftp site.

Best Regards,


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