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Re: Acrobat reader fonts

On Thu, Jun 10, 1999 at 10:47:42AM +0800, hashao wrote:
|Hello debian-chinese,
|  Adobe's Acrobat Reader 4.0 for Linux was release. It has a sperated
|Asian pack which have some font for CJK. The Chinese simplified font
|is 10MB in size. the link to it is dead (or not up yet?). Maybe
|someone will like to take a look at it and if the liscence permit,
|pack it for us. Since it is 10MB, I suspect that it is an outlined
|Will try to get it later. Maybe it will be up for download then.

Sadly, this is part of the license:

The font software contained in this package is being licensed to you 
solely for use with the Adobe Acrobat Reader product ("Acrobat Reader") 
subject to the terms and conditions of the Electronic End User License 
Agreement accompanying the Acrobat Reader other than the provisions 
permitting unlimited distribution and subject to your agreement not to 
distribute copies of this font software.

Anthony Wong.   [ E-mail: hajime@asunaro.dhs.org / ypwong@debian.org ]

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