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[no subject] (no subject) 2 errors on page 404 not found in section Installation Manual Die Super Geschäftsidee Autodeterminación Re: Búsqueda de Paquetes Búsqueda de Paquetes Una novità della rete Re[2]:Cпешите! [Fwd: Why so difficult to get English?] [MailServer Notification] To External Sender: a virus was found a nd action taken. [OvdSpek@LIACS.NL: Translation inconsistency on] adjust the front page? Adress-Eintrag Any Software.. get rush undr $15-$99.. Ask for another cvs account. Attention : Une ou des pièces jointes infectées/bloquées ont été détectées ! BEST CANNON. PROMOTIONAL VIDEO CAMERA ONLY $ 49.99 Broken /releases/index page in German broken doc links Broken Link bug in a link on a site Bug#100188: hey Bug#100188: Unable to Contact - Thu, 30 Jun 2005 17:33:27 -0200 Bug#194549: Openness and Usability: Link to Wiki Bug#215430: chinese pages don't build on non-i386 Bug#222636: marked as done ( add new link at devel/developers.loc) Bug#264660: marked as done (wrong links on Bug#264660: status of 264660 Bug#304200: marked as done ( Forwared-tag not listed on Bug#313110: Specific? Bug#313110: CD FAQ Should be updated Bug#313420: changelog to html - UTF8 & '+' bullets Bug#313488: install manual incorrectly states HFS+ can't be read under debian Bug#314861: 3.8 /etc/apt/apt.conf doesn't exist Bug#315583: explanation of Conflicts/Replaces/Provides Bug#315735: "United States" in top-right selectbox is not US mirror Bug#315949: /events/keysigning should mention signing-party package Bug#315949: marked as done (/events/keysigning should mention signing-party package) bug: wrong link at russian testing release page bugreport Call for Papers: International Joint Conferences on Computer Information and Systems Sciences and Engineering Can't DL two binary images. CD image down load error 404 Re: CD Pages change to /doc/books Cursos para Debian sarge 3.1r0 and 3.1r0a Debian-CD mirrors that have 3.1_r0, but not 3.1_r0a Debian-www Distribution Archives webpage slightly broken doc urgent doctor Donnation site error download von den isos bei version 3.1r0a mit jigdo download von den isos mit jigdo Downloading package bash dynamiserais mais WindowsXPro and Office eq 80dolrs Error on Re: Errors building Woody version of release notes Formatting of Social Contract Free Birthday Greetings for your website FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE Gegen Sommerhitze: Wasserpower! Get a head start on a new computer career Hi funstuff Hi there honey. It is me Lil Jul http links vs $(HOME) Re: UK -- new info in Bulgarian In Finnish pages: "etch will be released 6.6.2005" incorrect russian translation of Invalid Login Attempt italian mirrors update Kiss those big legs goodbye Large natural erection! Link Link Erratto Cd09.Iso - Sarge Link Exchange Partnership with Link Swap Request Links from English home page connect to pages in Japanese linux A list of broken mirrors (fwd) Looking for cheap high-quality software? Men are lucky, women - satisfied! MiN: Razor Bumps - Not Sexy minor problem with doesn't answer Natural busty Blonde fucked hard. New Email Account The No.1 source for software superstore. Re: none OpenOffice in Debian Sarge pdf Permission denied Persistent error in web pages Preview: Sarge release announcement Problem Debian Sarge Download problems with link Processed: -> Processed: Re: Bug#313488: install manual incorrectly states HFS+ can't be read under debian Processed: Re: Bug#314861: 3.8 /etc/apt/apt.conf doesn't exist Processed: Re: Bug#315583: explanation of Conflicts/Replaces/Provides Processed: tagging 309768, severity of 313420 is wishlist Processed: typos on control puTTY Release date of Debian 3.0 wrong? Release Notes no longer building? Remover de la pagina Re: removing the debian-legal website stuff? RFD: Further Development of the Debian Website Richiesta collaborazione Russian FAQ Sarge DVD ISO Sarge errata -> X fails to come up for radeon 9200 SE users. Search on a page search.def from webwml/<language>/searchtmpl in sources.list Seven days - seven ways to save! 10% off hard drivres & point of sale. Small Pen-is? 7Lqm8a Stable release 3.1 broken Suggestion for mailing list page Swap Links With Us Swisscomrechnung vom 7.5.05 take out debian programe in my Testing security updates Thank you for contacting this mailing list through newsreader Re: this mailing list with a newsreader Three steps to the software you need at the prices you want Thsi mailing list with a newsreader Translation inconsistency on Translation of to Russian typo on release notes Unidentified subject! Re: variety by rimskys verbeterd introductiebericht sarge Web page problem - installation instructions Who says you can rid of inches Who's using Debian? Wish: Plese help Amd64 users finding their way Re: with this novel woody jigdo current version link is not r6 but still r5 Wrong " Note that jigdo is the only way to download Debian DVD images." statement. wrong permissions RE: You can tell is a Linux Fan because... You Gonna Love This DVskH Re: your mail The last update was on 03:37 GMT Mon Aug 14. There are 288 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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