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italian mirrors update

(It's not clear if updating the mirrors list is up to mirrors@ or
debian-www@, my messages sent to the first address so far have been
ignored. As a result of this, sarge will ship with a largely inaccurate
list of italian mirrors. If mirrors@ is not the intended contact for
this kind of issues probably maybe this should be clearified in the
http://www.debian.org/mirror/ web pages.)

ftp.it.debian.org and ftp2.it.debian.org do not host non-US anymore.

ftp.edisontel.com should be renamed to ftp.eutelia.it, the company has
been borged two years ago.

debian.nettuno.it is gone (now from DNS too) and will not come back,
the admin moved to another company.

softcity.libero.it: gone since a long time too.

ftp.unina.it: has dropped debian since at least one year.

mi.mirror.garr.it: HTTP access is now available only at
http://cdn.mirror.garr.it/mirrors/, and if the URL is not updated the
redirect will break APT. http://mirror.garr.it/hy/info/0153.html

win.koalasoft.org: not a mirror anymore.

Please update.


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