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Re: Preview: Sarge release announcement

Martin Schulze wrote:
> I've written up the release announcement for sarge:
> http://people.debian.org/~joey/stuff/debian-announce.txt
> I'd love to coordinate with translators, so we can place the translation
> on the website at the same time as the original.  If you are intersted
> in this, please get in touch with me via private mail.

Thanks for doing that.

I noticed that one thing it was missing is any easy link to the
/releases/sarge/ (or stable) page. A pity, since that page is designed
to make it easy for a user to find install images, the manual, and the
release notes for upgrading. Without that link, users are left digging
through the release notes or looking from the top-level of the website
for these things.

I think that in future announcements, a link to there would be more
useful than the link that is in the announcement to the CD vendors page,
since I doubt any CD vendors will have official sarge CDs to sell on
release day.

Sorry I wasn't around to make this comment before you sent the

see shy jo

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