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Re: Preview: Sarge release announcement


(my MTA had a hick-up this morning, sorry if [6.] is

6. "This release includes ... webmin 1.180 ..." I think,
   it's relevant, as webmin is our only "admin tool",
   where others have yast or drake-tools or whatever.

7. "This release includes ... GNU Compiler Collection
   3.3.5 and 3.4.3 ...".  The latter seems to be popular
   under performance freaks.

Cheers, WB

I wrote:

Some more ideas for the announcement (order not relevant):

1. "includes KDE, GNOME and GNUstep desktop environments" ->
   "includes KDE, GNOME, Xfce4, and GNUstep desktop
   environments" (My understanding of the popcon data is,
   that Xfce4 is more popular than GNUstep.)

2. Mention the superb XML integration!  It's much better
   than it was in woody.  (I believe xml-core exists since

3. Mention the better Java capabilities of sarge.  There was
   a (draft?) announcement on d-java@l.d.o some days back.

4. Maybe explain things, not obvious for non-Geek users,
   e.g. "is compatible with the FHS v2.3, and supports
   software developed for the LSB" -> "is compatible with
   the File Hierarchy Standard (FHS) v2.3, and supports
   software developed for the Linux Standard Base (LSB)."

5. Mention the state of amd64!  "While there is no
   official release of amd64, the Debian amd64 team..."

Cheers, Wolfgang Borgert

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