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2 errors on page http://www.debian.org/CD/jigdo-cd/

On page: http://www.debian.org/CD/jigdo-cd/
There appear to be two inaccuracies.  I'd imagine you guys are working like crazy to update your site to reflect the new Debian 3.1, so you will probably just trash this email (*grin*) but I figured what the hell.
it says:  Download a package containing jigdo-lite, which is available for GNU/Linux, Windows and Solaris from the jigdo homepage <http://atterer.net/jigdo/#download> . 
it should be (at least on my new Sarge system):  ... package containing jigdo-file, which ... 
it says:  Debian users, please upgrade to at least version 0.6.8 - the version in Debian 3.0 is not sufficient to download the latest images! 
it should be:  ... version in Debian 3.1 is not sufficient ...
I hope this helps.  If it were a Wiki, well then I wouldn't be harassing you! :)  Thanks to all of you for contributing such awesome code to the world.  Let Debian be the yardstick that all other (inferior) distros are measured against!
Michael Coburn 

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