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Sarge errata -> X fails to come up for radeon 9200 SE users.


On Steve's suggestion, i mail here an errata item for the sarge release,
concerning bug#280738.

  There is a non-fixed bug in sarge's X packages (Bug #280738), which is
  triggered on dual head radeon 9200 SE and maybe others.
  The bug is triggered by the card having two pci ids, and the ati wrapper
  chosing the second one to match against its database of known cards, and since
  it doesn't know about the pci ids of this second head, fail to detect it needs
  the radeon driver.

  The pci id which triggers this is 1002:5d44, which is listed in lspci as :

    ATI Technologies Inc RV280 [Radeon 9200 SE] (Secondary)

  The symptom are two : 

    1) X configuration will not select the ati or radeon driver for these cards.
    2) if you manually chose ati, X will fail to come up, and drop you in the
    error message in text mode.

  Workaround for this is to manually edit the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file, go to
  the Device section, and change the "ati" driver to "radeon".

I did look at the errata.wml file in the cvs, but it was non-obvious where to
integrate this, and if the above was the right tone for an errata. I would
appreciate if this errata item be added in the right place for the sarge
release, especially as i will get to do user support for many hundred of
pegasos users who have this exact problematic card :/


Sven Luther

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