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Re: Release Notes no longer building?

On Thursday 02 June 2005 11:47, Frank Lichtenheld wrote:
> Man, you're too nervous ;)
Maybe, but with the short time available I feel I'd better signal a 
problem early rather that sit back and hope.

> The web pages did a full rebuild because of my languages.wml trickeries
> (all files depend indirectly on that one) and klecker doesn't
> accomplish that in the usual 4h time...
Thanks for the explanation.

On to the next problem... zh_TW (sarge version) is failing now:

Thu Jun  2 12:32:38 CEST 2005
debiandoc2html -c -l zh_TW release-notes.zh_TW.sgml
debiandoc2text -l zh_TW release-notes.zh_TW.sgml
debiandoc2latexps -l zh_TW release-notes.zh_TW.sgml
debiandoc2latexpdf -l zh_TW release-notes.zh_TW.sgml
debiandoc2latexpdf: ERROR: release-notes.zh_TW.pdf could not be generated 
debiandoc2latexpdf: rerun with the -v option to found out why
debiandoc2latexpdf: or check the log file release-notes.zh_TW.log
make[2]: *** [release-notes.zh_TW.pdf] Error 1


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