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Re: this mailing list with a newsreader

Paul Johnson wrote:

On Thursday June 9 2005 9:36 am, Guillaume TESSIER wrote:

i suscribed to this mailing list some hours ago and my mailbox is
already overcrowded!

Can we acces it with a newsreader?

Yes, you can read this mailing list with a newsreader. There is only one newsreader that will do that, to my knowledge.

apt-get install gnus

i use pan. But after tryiing different news servers adress this was not successful

Oooh, you mean "Is there a newsgroup that carries a mirror of this mailing list?" If you're reading from Usenet, you may receive a clearer signal by tuning to the newsgroup for this mailing list. This list is gmane.linux.debian.user and if your usual news server doesn't carry gmane.*, go connect to news.gmane.org.

it doesn't work...
i tried with:

Reply to: