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Unidentified subject!

Sorry for this letter but I need help very badly.
I had a very happy and interesting childhood before I got in a car crash at the age of 13, as a result of which I had a bad compressive spine fracture and my spinal cord was
injured as well.
Right after the crash my legs became numb. I have come through five serious operations, three of which were performed on my spine and due to those I am able to attend to myself. But unfortunately the injury is so serious that in order to restore my legs movement I need another operation, not on the spine but on the spinal cord itself. Unfortunately this operation is very expensive and I hope that with the help of my site I will be able
to find people which can help me with a least part of the  sum.
Before the car crash I led an active life, went in for sport, that's why I don't want to resign myself to the fact that I cannot walk. I am trying to do everything to achieve
the main aim of my life now - start walking again.

Please visit http://crash.w-zone.ru to see my MRI imaging and read more about me, about
my injury and about operation.
Beforehand many thanks!

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