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Debian sarge 3.1r0 and 3.1r0a


I'm downloading the 14 CD iso files of Debian Sarge 3.1r0 with jidgo, and of course, it takes a long time...

Since yesterday, the names of the iso files have been changed. The new names contain "3.1r0a" and not "3.1r0". I saw that the md5 sum have been changed.

I presume it's a new release of Sarge, but I can't understand why there are no news on the Debian home page to announce it. Is it a silent release ?

I would like to know :
1 - What are the differences between 3.1r0 and 3.1r0a.
2 - Is it possible to work with a mixing of the two releases : 7 first CDs of the 3.1r0 version and the 7 last CDs of 3.1r0a.

Thank you

Dominique Parisot

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